Watching my girls grow

by Danielle
(Kansas City, Mo, USA)

When I first found out I was pregnant, I got scared and excited. But when I found out there wasn't just one, I was too shocked to speak. So I only cried. How was I going to take care of two babies at the same time?

Before finding out it was twins, I knew I would breastfeed. Now how would I breastfeed TWO? So I took a breastfeeding class that my hospital offered. There, I found out I would be fine with support and determination. I told myself, "I will breastfeed my girls knowing that's what's best."

So on a cold evening in February, my girls were born, pink and screaming. They were perfect, all ten fingers and toes, quickly cleaned and passed to a nurse. I barely got to kiss them before they were gone.

They were born at 37 weeks and very healthy but I faded out for a minute and was in an OR just in case. Once in the Recovery, I held my girls together all wrapped up. My mom and a nurse helped bring them both to the breast to start the most wonderful thing I have done; nurse my twin girls.

They are ten months old now and are still nursing, have never had a bottle and are growing so fast. In the first month they were here, they gained 3 lbs each. I love breastfeeding and would do it all again the same way. Watching them grow is amazing.

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