Two are you sure ?

by Jennifer French
(Parma, Ohio)

A few days after we discovered we were having twins, I had a day off from work. My mother had given my oldest son a big brother t-shirt, so we dressed him up with his new t-shirt and off we went.

I work in a building with about seven different offices. We hit the first office and I didn't announce that I was pregnant again. I just waited to see who would notice my son's t-shirt.

It took a little while and slowly people began to notice. After everyone finally realized I was pregnant again, I whipped out the ultrasound pictures.

I didn't say anything about there being twins. I just waited to see who would notice first. After the first gasp (coming incidentally from a male employee), everyone started laughing.

Of course, I got the comments "Better you than me. Double trouble. Oh, you're going to have your hands full."

It was fun going around the building showing off my pics and seeing who would notice. Another interesting thing is that in the office next to mine, a male co-worker also had twin boys born one day after mine.

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