Twin Gear Essentials

If you're expecting twins or more, you may be wondering what type of twin gear you'll need when your babies arrive. The list below will help you get started and provide some ideas for your baby registry if your friends or family are throwing you a shower.

  • Two cribs (or more if you're having more than two) - While you can probably start out with your twins sleeping in one crib, they will likely need their own crib after the first few months. If you want your babies to sleep together at first, there are crib dividers available if you want to provide them with their own separate space. There are also a few true twin cribs on the market if you prefer to go that route.
  • Two car seats - First, you'll need to decide if you want to go with a travel system, which consists of two infant car seats that snap into a double stroller base. Many parents prefer to use a travel system initially because it's easier to move babies from car to stroller and vice versa without waking them if they are sleeping.
  • If you go this route, you will need to purchase two convertible car seats once your twins reach 22 pounds (usually close to or shortly after their first year). You can, of course, purchase two convertible car seats from the start and a separate twin stroller, which eliminates the need to purchase two different sets of car seats. It really up to you and your preferences.

  • Twin stroller - This is one of the most important pieces of twin gear for a mom of twins. There are a number of quality twin strollers available on the market, including twin jogging strollers, compact side-by-side strollers and front-to-back double strollers.
  • Bassinets or pack-n-plays - While not essential, some parents like to use bassinets when the babies first come home. Mothers of twins who are breastfeeding may find this convenient if they want to keep the babies close at night or in a particular room during the day. There are a few twin bassinets on the market that can help you save space. Pack-n-plays are also convenient to use in the house, as well as outside.
  • Two highchairs - Once your babies begin eating solids, you'll need a high chair for each one. There are a few models that strap on a chair to help save space if that's a consideration in your household.
  • Twin nursing pillow or two or more Boppies - Essential if you are breastfeeding, but can also be used if you plan to bottle feed your twins.
  • Swings, bouncy seats or exersaucers - Depending on your preferences, you may choose to get a couple of these items, one of each or none. Some parents swear by swings but others (like me) didn't get much use out of them. Bouncy seats are nice when your babies are young and can be used to bottle feed twin babies together (with you seated in between). Exersaucers, jumperoos, play mats, portable swings and similar toys are nice to keep your twins occupied as they get older but before they can walk.
  • Double breastfeeding pump (if you plan to breastfeed) - You can rent one or purchase a quality one to use throughout the first year. You will also need nursing pads and possibly nipple cream.
  • Infant bathtub, baby wash, and several towels and washcloths - You can get away with one infant bathtub (or use the kitchen sink). The number of towels and washcloths you purchase depends on how often you plan to do laundry. You probably want at least two to three per baby to start.

  • Blankets and sheets - You'll need swaddling blankets in the beginning--a few for each baby. You may also want a few lightweight ones for each baby. You probably want about three sheets per crib or bassinet for frequent changes in the beginning.
  • A week's worth of diapers to start (or more) - Each twin will go through about 10 diapers a day in the beginning (that's 140 a week). If you're using disposable diapers, you may want to begin stocking up before the babies are born.
  • Tons of baby wipes - Most stores sell them in bulk, which makes it less expensive.
  • Diaper rash cream - One or two tubes on hand to start in case you need it.
  • Bottles, several cloth diapers (to use as burp cloths), bottle cleaning brush, pacifiers - Even if you are breastfeeding, you will need bottles for when your babies are drinking expressed milk. You may want to purchase just a few in the beginning to until you see what types your babies prefer. Many parents like to use pacifiers early on so you should have a few per baby available as well.
  • Infant formula - You will need several can of the dry formula (the most economical) if you plan to bottle feed right away. Many stores sell formula in bulk as well.
  • Diaper bag - One larger diaper bag is usually the best way to go, rather than having a bag for each baby.
  • Twin baby carriers and slings - A nice option to have available if you need to carry two babies and want your hands free.
  • Clothing - Several onesies (long sleeve and short sleeve), t-shirts, sleepers, etc. for each baby. You'll also need a coat or sweater for each depending on the season and weather in your area. Don't buy too many of the really small sizes (or hang on to the receipts) because they will most likely outgrow them quickly.
  • Other essentials like a baby comb/brush set, baby lotion, nail clipper and a thermometer.

While there's much more you can buy, these are the most essential items in the early months. Have fun shopping!

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