How to Choose Twin Baby Names

Like most things with twins or multiples, choosing your babies' names can be twice as fun. . .or double the challenge. . . depending on how you look at it.

In some ways, it's great because you don't have to choose just one name if you have several names you like.

On the other hand, you have two or more baby names (and middle names) that you need to pick and agree on with your spouse and potentially your family, friends and co-workers, depending on how much you want to involve others in your decision.

A few general things you should keep in mind:

  • Remember that these are not just twin BABY names (or multiple BABY names). Your children will need to live with these names through their school years and into adulthood. Think about how the names you choose will sound as your children get older.
  • While you want the names to sound well in combination, you probably want to avoid getting too cutesy with the names. For example, Barbie and Ken, Chip and Dale, Mona and Lisa. . .you get the point.
  • You may want to avoid names that sound too similar or rhyme, making it difficult for people to distinguish between your children.

    Some examples include Ella and Emma, Isaac and Isaiah, Taylor and Tyler, Jason and Mason, Zoe and Chloe. . .to name a few. These types of name combinations may give people the impression your twins are basically the same person.

    While some of them are popular (and may work out just fine for certain families), you may want to consider choosing names that celebrate your babies' individual personalities, as well as their twinhood.

  • If you have your heart set on a pair of names and don't want to hear from others about how a certain name reminds them of a boy or girl they hated in grade school, don't share your names with a lot of people. You are not obligated to tell your friends (and especially near or complete strangers) every detail and decision related to your twin pregnancy.

    If you know certain friends or family members are highly opinionated, you probably want to avoid telling them until after the babies are born. You can either tell them that you haven't made the decision yet or say you want to keep the names of your babies a surprise. You'll probably still hear the comments after the babies are born (just smile and ignore) but by then you will have already made your final decision.

Twin Baby Naming Strategies

There are certainly a number of great baby naming books out there to help get you started. If you're curious about what some of the most popular twin baby names were for the most recent year, you can also check out the "Popular Names for Twins" list published by the Social Security Agency each year.

You may also consider some of the more common twin baby naming strategies used by parents of twins or more. Here are a few of them:

Family Names - You might use this opportunity to honor someone special in your family (parents, grandparents, ancestors, etc.), and twins or multiples makes it that much easier to choose one or more from each side of the family.

Same Initials - A popular option for naming twins is to choose different sounding names but with the same beginning initial. Some popular twin baby names using this method include Hailey and Hannah, Jacob and Joshua and Madison and Matthew.

Same Ending Sound - Another common strategy used for naming twin babies is to choose names with a similar ending sound. Some parents may not even realize they are doing it. . . the names just sound good together. Examples include Ava and Mia, Aiden and Ethan, and Sophia and Olivia.

Using Anagrams - Some parents may take one name that they like and rearrange the letters to make another name. Your choices may be somewhat limited with this option but if it's an idea that you like, you can get creative and find some nice options. Examples include Amy and May, Myra and Mary, and Alan and Lana. Some parents may also choose to reverse a name to come up with two options, such as Nadia and Aidan.

Biblical Names (or names with a similar meaning or origin) - Twin baby names with biblical origins are among some of the most popular twin baby names. Examples include David and Daniel, Hannah and Abigail, and Jeremiah and Joshua. Some parents may also choose names with a similar meaning, such as Michael and Mikayla, Faith and Hope, or Alban (for a boy) and Fiona (which both mean white).

Names with no connection - Some might argue that this may be the best alternative of all for naming your twins. Choosing two unrelated names places a greater emphasis on your babies' individuality and may make it easier for others to see them as individuals as well.

While finding your twins names can be a challenge, remember to have some fun with your spouse or partner finding the perfect names for your little ones. When you finally find the right combination, you'll know it.

Good luck!

Check out some of the best books about twin pregnancy and beyond. . .

How did you choose your twin babies' names?

What names did you choose for your twin or multiple babies? How did you go about choosing them? Tell us about your experience and what strategies (if any) you used to come up with your precious babies' names.

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