Travel During Your Twin Pregnancy

If you are manager, in a sales position or work for a company with multiple locations, chances are you will need to travel during your pregnancy. Or maybe you may have a family trip or event coming up, which requires that you travel during pregnancy.

Traveling while pregnant with twins or more can be tricky but it doesn't necessarily need to be off limits. If you're planning to hit the road for work or pleasure during your pregnancy, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Talk to you doctor first - Most healthcare professionals recommend that you limit travel during pregnancy to the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage and pre-term labor is low. However, if you are pregnant with twins or more, your doctor may ask you to park your traveling gear sooner, especially if you are having complications.

If your doctor prohibits travel during pregnancy and it's a big part of your job, you may want to set up a time to meet with your boss to talk about alternatives. Conference calls or video conferencing can often be as effective as face-to-face meetings and can help ensure you and your babies are safe and healthy.

Consult with airline carriers, cruise lines or other transportation providers before booking your travel - You can fly or cruise without restriction during your first and second trimester of pregnancy (of course, with your doctor's blessing). However, once you get into your third trimester, it's important to check with the carrier before booking your travel.

For example, many airline carriers require a doctor's note if you are traveling during your ninth month of pregnancy (not that many mothers of twins or more will want to or be able to travel at this point in their pregnancy).

Prepare an emergency contact list and gather pertinent medical records - In the event that complications arise when you are traveling during your pregnancy, it's important to carry with you at all times an emergency contact list, as well as any important medical information. The list should include the name and contact information for your doctor, health insurance information, at least two emergency family contacts and important information about your prenatal and medical history.

Double check your coverage while traveling with your health insurance carrier - Before traveling, you should talk to your health insurance carrier about coverage while out of town or out of the country. If your policy is lacking, you may need to purchase additional coverage.

Look into purchasing travel insurance - You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance for personal travel in case you need to cut your trip short or cancel it altogether due to complications with your pregnancy. You should look for a policy that also covers emergency expenses on the road (if your current policy doesn't), such as emergency medical transport.

Try to keep your trips short - Whether you're flying, cruising or traveling by car, consider limiting your trips to those that are a few hours away rather than longer trips if possible. It will make your travel experience more enjoyable and help minimize the potential for complications.

Expect the unexpected - Any traveler knows that things happen when you travel. Your flight is cancelled or delayed, you blow a tire or run out of gas, or you get stuck in traffic and miss the train. If you're going to travel during pregnancy, try to think ahead and have a back-up plan if something goes wrong to reduce your level of stress.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination so you're not in a hurry. (When traveling for work while pregnant with twins, I had to run to the other side of an airport to catch a plane when there was a gate switch, and it was not fun!) I would recommend leaving your meetings a little early, rather than trying to deal with a rushed, tight schedule at the airport if possible. You don't want to run through an airport pregnant if you don't have to. Always carry a cell phone, especially if you are traveling alone.

Special considerations when flying. . .

Special considerations when driving. . .

Did you have a good (or bad) experience while traveling and pregnant with twins? Or do you have tips for pregnant travelers?

Share your good and bad experiences alike traveling for work (or pleasure) while pregnant with twins or more.

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