by Mary
(North Olmsted, Ohio)

Just six weeks after having our second child, I told my husband I thought I was pregnant. He didn't believe me so I started teasing him. I'm pregnant and I'm having twins!!! He thought he would get me by telling me he told his family we were having twins. I just replied, "Wait and see." I really didn't have any real clue. For whatever reason, I was just teasing him.

Finally my follow-up appointment came, and I chickened out of telling the doctor I thought I was pregnant. So after a home pregnancy test said I was, I made an appointment and no one in the office thought I could be pregnant so soon after a c-section (8 wks). Steve told our preteen that she better have the pillow ready cause if the ultrasound showed two, he was going to "poop and pass out". . . make sure his head gets the pillow, watch out for the poop!

So my ob/gyn is awesome and takes us down the hall to do the ultrasound. We are all there, Brittany, baby Brandon, Steve and I. As soon as she placed the probe on my abdomen,she turned the screen and I said, "OMG, its twins I told you so!" And the doctor said, "How did you see that so fast?" But then she said, "Wait, this one wasn't moving." So we had about 30 second of scared to death silence! Then she turned the screen back around and showed us our twins. She was amazed that somehow I knew I was pregnant with twins. We have no family history of multiples! I tried to use it as another see honey, I do know best so you should listen to me! (That didn't work much.)

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