Saying Goodbye

by Melissa
(Middletown, DE)

As a single mom of twin boys, I knew I couldn't stay home forever with my boys. So, when they were 15 months old, I got a job and returned to work.

I was so stressed about how I was going to get the boys up, fed and dressed (all by myself) and then get ready myself. I thought I would have to get up 3 hours early.

The first day was a challenge to say the least, and dropping the boys off was harder on me than it was on them. I cried all the way to my job. I called the daycare 4 times that day to check in. (The boys were fine.)

After a week, it got better for me. . .then it was bad for the boys. They would cry when I left. That was one of the hardest things to do--walk away from your crying child. It just tugged at my heart.

Now, it's 8 months later, and the boys are great in daycare, and mom is doing good too. It takes a good month or so, for the seperation anxiety to go away, but when it does, all is good!

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