My husband helped make my transition back to work easier

by Beth
(Cleveland, Ohio)

When I gave birth to my twins, I was able to take the full 12-week leave available through the Family Medical Leave Act.

The thing that made it easier for me to go back though was the fact that my husband also applied for Family Leave at his work and set it up so it would start at the time I was going back to work. It was much easier to leave in those early days knowing that he was with the girls rather than leaving them at a daycare.

Another thing that helped with my transition back into the actual work was staying in touch with some of my staff during my leave (I was a marketing/communications manager at the time). One of the managers who worked for me came over to my house with some questions and updates twice during my maternity leave. These brief (about one hour) meetings allowed me to keep informed about what was happening while I was gone and made it easier to jump back into the work when I finally returned.

That being said, it was difficult in the beginning leaving my girls every day, especially once my husband went back to work and I had to start using a babysitter. Once we found the right person though (we ended up using two others who didn't work out at first), I was less worried because I felt comfortable knowing that they were being cared for by a competent, caring person.

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