How to Tell the Boss You're Pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant...with twins or a joyous time for most women. Then you remember you need to tell your boss.

The ease or difficulty of this task often has to do with your boss' personality, your relationship and the culture at your company. In general, it's best to be up front and professional to help avoid any misunderstandings.

Here are a few other tips on how to tell the boss you're pregnant (and with twins or more).

Tell your boss first - You won't be perceived as professional if your boss finds out about your pregnancy from a co-worker in the lunch room. It shows respect and helps build your relationship if you discuss your situation with your boss in private first before spreading the word among your co-workers.

Wait until after your first trimester (if you can) - Many doctors recommend that you wait to tell family, friends and co-workers until after the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is less. But since you are having twins or more, you may begin showing sooner or may be experiencing more difficulty early on with morning sickness or fatigue.

It's better to tell your boss you're pregnant sooner, rather than let rumors swirl around the office about your condition or leave him guessing about why you are missing more work or not up to par in your performance.

You also need to tell your boss sooner if you're exposed to chemicals or conditions on the job that could harm your babies. If this is the case, it may help if you bring ideas for alternative responsibilities to your boss for your meeting.

Come prepared with a plan - Your boss may be anxious about how your responsibilities will be covered while you are on leave and whether or not you plan to come back after the babies are born. You should think about how you will address these issues before you sit down with your boss. You may also need to educate your boss about the potential for pre-term labor with multiple births.

Be as honest and up front as you can with your boss about your plans and emphasize your commitment to your job and responsibilities throughout your pregnancy. You may offer to help put together a transition plan to ensure your co-workers can pick up projects or tasks seamlessly when you are on leave.

Try to anticipate your boss' reaction - Some bosses react positively to news that an employee is pregnant. Others don't do so well. You know your boss. Prepare yourself ahead of time for a potentially negative reaction to your news.

Some bosses may express their concern about how your absence will affect them in a less than tactful manner. Most bosses will come around though after the initial shock, and will be more supportive if you demonstrate that you are as serious about your responsibilities now as you were before.

Know your rights - The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits job bias or discrimination against pregnant women. If you feel you are being treated unfairly because of your pregnancy, you should know your rights.

In some cases, a frank talk with your boss may clear up the problem. In other cases, you may want to talk to a human resources or union representative about your concerns. If you are fired unjustly, you may want to consider talking to a lawyer.

Be pleasantly surprised - You may find your worry about how to tell the boss you're pregnant was for nothing. Many employers and co-workers end up being very supportive when they find out you're pregnant with twins or more and will go out of their way to make the transition easier for you.

Information about maternity leave laws. . .

Share how you broke the news that you were pregnant with twins to your boss or co-workers.

Many women dread telling their boss or co-workers that they are pregnant. How did you tell your boss? How did the conversation go? Share your story and tips with other moms of twins or more who still need to face the boss.

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