How many are there?!

by Amy
(Medina, OH)

I had been working in Pittsburgh as a support coordinator for persons with mental retardation since 2000. I had also been trying to get pregnant (via IUIs) during that time.

My supervisors were very accommodating in letting me schedule my home visits, meetings, etc. around my many doctors’ appointments. I was very upfront with them about the days I needed off or the days I needed to come in a bit late or leave early. They were very agreeable in letting me use flex time for this purpose.

By the summer of 2003, I had completed 14 cycles of IUI (intra-uterine insemination), which had all failed, and I knew it was time to move on to IVF. This involved even more doctors' appointments. I also started having acupuncture twice a week from an acupuncturist trained in fertility treatment. As part of the treatment, I would have to go in to work with the small thin needles still in my scalp.

I am sure my co-workers and supervisors thought that I was crazy, but they also knew the lengths I was going to in order to become pregnant. (I was also giving myself shots of the injectible medications and since there was only one restroom in our office, my coworkers were knowledgeable about this as well.)

I had one failed IVF and then tried a 2nd IVF in September 2003. I did not keep it a secret when I had this treatment, and, in fact, I took a week off immediately following the treatment and put myself on bed rest in the hopes that the IVF would work. Sure enough, I got the call (at work!) that it had worked and that I was pregnant. I immediately told my co-workers and supervisors and everyone was very excited for me.

At exactly 6 weeks, I had an ultrasound one morning where we learned I was expecting triplets. I went in to work late that day with my ultrasound photos in hand. Everyone knew why I was late and wanted to know how it went.

I handed each of my co-workers (all women) the photos without saying a word and they all immediately saw the 3 babies. Then my supervisor came in (a 35-year-old male with two kids of his own) and was like "Oh, you got your ultrasound photos, how's it going?”

I handed them to him silently and he looked at them briefly. He started to walk out of the room and then he turned back around, looked at the photos again, and said, "HOW MANY are in there?!” I think he was as shocked as me that I was having triplets.

In the end, I worked up until I was 24 weeks pregnant. I delivered the babies at 35 weeks, and they are now 6 years old. For me, being honest with my boss and co-workers from the start was the best way to go.

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Sep 04, 2010
Needles in your scalp
by: Melanie

Great story! I'd love to see a picture of you with the acupuncture needles in your head!

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