Finding Out It's Twins

How did you react when you found out you were having twins. . .or more?

Most expectant moms and their spouse or partner are initially shocked. It can be a lot to absorb in just a few minutes.

Even couples undergoing fertility treatments who understand it's a possibility are quite shocked when it actually happens.

How you react after the initial shock though can vary quite a bit. It often depends on your personal situation and your expectations for your pregnancy.

The good news is that most expectant moms find out early so they have enough time to adjust, make preparations and genuinely anticipate the arrival of their newborn babies.

It's important though to recognize that you may have some initial doubts or misgivings in the beginning and to acknowledge and work through these feelings. For example, you may have recently decided that after three kids you are done only to find out that you are pregnant and with twins! Or maybe you really wanted to have a girl and you found out you're having twin boys.

Factors that can affect how you greet the news include:

  • Partner and family support
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Economic situation
  • Other children
  • Fertility history
  • General health
  • Acquaintance with multiples
  • Yours and your partner's birth and upbringing

While most expectant moms of twins or more adjust quickly and are very excited about their special pregnancy, others may take longer and may even feel angry about the pregnancy. Sharing any negative feelings with family members or friends may be greeted with little sympathy, particularly if you used fertility treatments to conceive your babies.

Getting involved in a local Mother of Twins or Mother of Multiples club soon after you find out may be helpful. You'll find that many of the moms had concerns after they found out they were having twins. These moms understand and have been there. Listening to their experiences can help you gain confidence that you too can do it.

A supportive spouse or partner can also do wonders for you. Most men are thrilled when they find out they are about to be the father of twins or more. A multiple pregnancy ensures they will be needed once the babies arrive! The positive attitude and support of your partner throughout the pregnancy can have a major impact on how you view your pregnancy.

Knowledge is power. Most expectant mothers of twins scour the Internet, library and book store for information about the pregnancy, birth and early years of raising twins. Understanding potential issues you might face in the coming months will help you be better prepared and less surprised when challenges arise.

If you find that you are feeling too negative as your pregnancy progresses, you may want to seek counseling. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask for a recommendation.

The experience of carrying, giving birth to and raising twins or more is an unique, amazing journey. If you just found out you're having twins or more, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Get ready for a fun ride!

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Tell us how you found out you were having twins or more.

How did you find out you were having twins...or more? What was your initial reaction? Share your story with our readers.

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