Everlynn & Vivian

by Jennifer Buske
(Minneapolis, MN)

This picture is NOT photoshopped! They were 7 months and apparently the flash scared Everlynn and Vivian thought it was funny;) We love this one!!

Although... it's not symbolic for their personalities:)

My girls were born on June 8, 2010. They were 8 weeks early. I remember at our 5 weeks ultrasounds, when they said "There is the heartbeat... and there is another heartbeat! TWINS!" I think my body floated off the table and my husband almost fainted.

It wasn't a total shock. I had been dreaming about growing two green beans in a zip lock bag and often would tell my husband, that I thought I may be having twins. I would love to know if other moms had this "hunch" or gut feeling?

Our girls are 9 months old and so much fun! They are so happy... smiling and laughing all the time.

Some cool things about our identical girls:

They have ALWAYS been on the same schedule. Even the duration of the naps are the same. If Ever naps 30 mins., Viv also wakes up after 30 mins. Yesterday, they BOTH took a 2 hour morning nap, for the first time EVER! How did that happen?!

They weighed within 2 ounces when they were born and they still do!

They have very similar personalities and characteristics, but on opposite days. Usually, Everlynn is the grunter and has this funny high pitched squeal. For the past few days, Vivian has taken those qualities and Ever is super quiet. They trade every few days and this has been going on their whole life.

They rolled, scooted, and are teething at the same time, if not within a couple days of each other.

I have gotten them mixed up once and my husband has mixed them up a few times:)

I have often wondered if they are mirror image twins and our ped has thought the same thing. Certain features are opposite. We have a set of MIT who are in their 30's who also think the girls are too. Even their hairlines go opposite direction.

Identical twins are so interesting, although I am nervous for what is to come. I hope that we can make the right decisions to raise them as individuals. I cannot keep comparing them:) haha.

Fraternal or identical- we are blessed parents, all of us!!!

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