C'mon boss, give me my review already. I'm pregnant!

by Beth
(Cleveland, Ohio)

After I found out I was pregnant, I decided to wait to tell my boss and co-workers. While I worked in a great office and liked my boss, I was due for my annual review and didn't want my pregnancy news to affect it in any way. We also had several women in our office get pregnant, say they were coming back to work and then decide to stay home and quit their job while on maternity leave. So I was a little concerned about my boss thinking I was going to do the same even though I fully intended to come back to work.

Luckily, my boss finally gave me my review (I was close to four months pregnant and starting to show!). I waited a few days and then stopped by his office to drop the bomb. Basically, I told him I was pregnant, when I was due and that I planned to come back to work after the baby was born (I was actually pregnant with twins and didn't know it yet!).

He was very nice about it but, as I expected, made a comment that maybe I would decide to stay home with the baby (really BABIES) at a later time. So I firmly said that since I was bringing in a significant portion of our family's income, I wasn't really considering staying home as an option. (Not that this was really his business, but given what had happened at our company with other pregnant women, I wanted him to get the point that I was serious about coming back.)

Since I was also a manager, I told some of my key staff and some close friends in other departments about being pregnant after my conversation with my boss. As far as the rest of the office, I told one women who I knew liked to gossip and the news spread to the rest of the building quickly. (I wasn't really in the mood for telling everyone individually.)

A few weeks later, I had my first ultrasound and found out I was pregnant with twins!!! So I basically had to tell everyone at work AGAIN!!

While I was nervous at first to tell my boss and co-workers about my pregnancy, it turned out to be a good experience. Everyone where I worked was great to me during the pregnancy and after I had the babies and I DID GO BACK!!

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