Breastfeeding twins working full time

by Tammie Whitaker

I went back to work after 12 weeks of being home. I decided to breastfeed, and my girls were born at 33 weeks so I really wanted to make it work.

I went back to work full time for National City Bank. It was quite a challenge. During the 12 weeks at home, I was sleeping about 2-3 hours a night because of pumping, and my daughters had gas problems. I finally was sleeping about 4 hours a night when I went back to work.

The challenge with breastfeeding was I had to pump right before I left for work. Then I didn't take my half hour lunch break. . .I broke it into two 15 minute breaks in order to pump so I could keep up my milk supply.

So I would pump around 11:00 and eat part of a lunch then at 2:00 to eat part of a lunch and then pump before I left from work after I was done for the day.

It was really crazy because one day I forgot my milk in the refrigerator at work, realized it the next morning when I needed milk for my girls and had to go back to work on my day off to get the milk. Then I ended up with a mastitis because I didn't have a chance to pump enough one day at work. Thank God my doctor called in a prescription. I forgot to take a part I needed for my pump one day and had to go home and get the part. It was crazy.

The easiest part of going back to work was I really had a great boss that made it easier. I was able to stay home for 4 weeks longer than I should have been able to. I did it without pay but they still kept my job. It was nice to relax at work too without a constant running or cleaning at home. When you are at home, you always find something to do.

I did only work full time for 4 months and then went part time to work for my husband. It was still challenging pumping at work but a relief to know if I needed to stay home with my girls I could.

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