Be prepared, be flexible

by Three Under Two

My twins were born when my older daughter was 19 months old. With three babies in the house, I was really a full-time mom. That meant my husband did a lot of things like grocery shopping and laundry help that he hadn't done before.

I had breastfed my older daughter, so I was familiar with the process. I did try to do tandem feeding as shown in the picture, but I found that for me, it took a lot of juggling and frustration to get them both latched on and everyone comfortable. So I nursed one at a time. It doesn't take as long as you might think, and it provided special 1:1 bonding time with that baby.

I kept a log, noting who ate first, and which breast they had - the first letdown is the strongest, so I felt I needed to alternate who started. Not sure if that was really important or not.

Once they were well established with nursing, I did feed only about every 2 hours. More often than that and I hadn't produced a full meal, which just made them hungry again sooner. I could easily tell when we needed to go more often due to growth spurts.

I did use a lactation consultant in the hospital once, because one twin just didn't latch on well at first.

Do be prepared that you may get a little sore at first, but it's worth it. I read a number of books and for me the best by far was the one called, "Bestfeeding."

Good luck. You can do this. My twins never had a bottle. At 12 months, I handed them sippy cups and we were all happy.

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