Back to work on no sleep???? And who will watch them????

by Lori McAvoy
(Brunswick, OH)

Before having my twins, I worked third shift at a large hospital in the blood bank in Cleveland. We had a 2-year-old son, and I would come home in the morning and take him to a home day care and then catch a few hours sleep.

After the twins were born, I struggled with getting them to sleep at night. Literally for the first 10 months of their lives, they took turns waking up every other hour.

When it came time to go back to work, I extended my leave because I knew there was no way I could work in health care and be like the walking dead due to exhaustion! I ended up leaving that position due to that fact and also because my husband was convinced he couldn't do it by himself at night with the 3 kids.

I worked out of my home, establishing a virtual assistant business to try to make ends meet, and finally after 10 months returned to an on call position at another hospital, working 3 days a week first shift.

My biggest struggle was finding AFFORDABLE child care. I called every day care center in a 3 county area and only found 2 that would take part time, 2 days a week, and they were both crazy expensive. We went with a local place for a short time at $120 a day!!!

Eventually we left there and decided on having someone come to the house, which proved to be substantially less expensive. But I can tell you it was and still remains one of my biggest struggles with the transition back to work. We've had some good and some bad experiences with child care, and I do look forward to someday not having it as an issue!

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