Air travel not fun when you're almost 7 months pregnant with twins

by Beth
(Cleveland, Ohio)

When I was close to being 7 months pregnant with my twin girls, my boss asked if I could attend a meeting in Chicago. It was a day trip so I didn't have to stay overnight, but I really was starting to feel uncomfortable (my feet were swollen at the end of most days) and I didn't want to go. But I told him that I would ask my doctor and if it was OK with her that I would go.

I asked my doctor about the trip at my next appointment, expecting her to tell me that I shouldn't travel at that point. To my surprise, she said that it would be OK to go so I reluctantly agreed to take the trip.

The flight out wasn't bad except for the fact that my feet were swollen like balloons by the time we arrived in Chicago. I ended up propping my feet up on a chair during the meeting to help with the swelling but I must not have looked very comfortable, judging by the looks on some of my co-workers faces.

The worst part of the trip came though when we went to fly home. When we arrived at the gate, we were told that our flight had been moved to another gate -- all of the way to the other side of the airport. I remember a few guys saying we were going to have to make a run for it. I thought I was going to die on the spot.

I managed to half run, half waddle to the gate and make the flight in time. It was not fun but I survived.

If I had to do it over again, I would have told my boss that I couldn't go. It just was not worth it. While it seemed like a big deal to miss the meeting at the time, my career would have survived missing this one meeting.

It's one of my early career experiences that taught me that sometimes it's OK to tell your boss, "No," especially when it comes to issues related to your family and health. While I was OK after getting some rest that night, the stress to me (and probably to my baby) just didn't seem worth it in hindsight.

Needless to say, I didn't take any more trips until after the babies were born and I returned to work.

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