Video: 4-D Twin Ultrasound

The use of 4-D ultrasound technology (also known as dynamic 3-D ultrasound) gives you an opportunity to get a glimpse of your twin babies well before they are born.

While a regular ultrasound also allows you to see your babies develop and grow (and is still an exciting experience), the 4-D ultrasound generates a 3-D image and gives you a clearer view of your babies' features, especially their beautiful faces.

You can ask your doctor if 4-D ultrasounds will be part of your medical treatment during your pregnancy.

There are also 4-D ultrasound centers where you can have an elective 4-D ultrasound performed, usually between your 26th and 34th week of pregnancy. These centers will allow you to invite family and friends to view your babies (if you want) and you can purchase pictures from your session.

These elective ultrasounds, however, are not covered by insurance companies and may not be recommended by your doctor. Talk to your doctor first before scheduling an appointment.

Here's a video of a 4-D twin ultrasound performed at 16 weeks of fraternal twins. You'll notice that the exam starts out with a 2-D scan and then moves to the 4-D images.

Here's another video of a 4-D twin ultrasound performed at 28 weeks and four days. The twins in this video are identical. It's a very cute video because the one boy appears to be trying to put his foot in his twin brother's mouth.

Here's one more video - a little bit longer and with a background commentary in Spanish - but the graphics are amazing! The 4d scan of fraternal twins was performed at 10 weeks.

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