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twin babiesWorking Moms of Twins offers support and advice for working mothers of twins and multiples...and those who are expecting twins or more.

It's a place where you can get tips and advice from other mothers of multiples who have been there and "get it," and share your own experiences...the joys and the tears...along the way.

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Work & Your Twin Pregnancy

  • twin pregnancy symptoms
  • how to announce your twin pregnancy at work
  • pregnancy work laws and maternity leave options
  • pregnancy and traveling for work
  • what to wear - maternity clothes for the office

Preparing for Twins

  • twin gear checklist
  • free stuff for twins
  • breastfeeding or bottle feeding twins
  • choosing a pediatrician

Returning to Work

  • preparing to go back to work
  • what to look for in a daycare provider
  • balancing work and family when you return to work
  • tips on raising twins, reducing stress, staying organized and more!

Twins Days Festival 2011

Did you attend the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio on Aug. 5-7, 2011? More than 1,700 sets of twins and multiples did. View some photos and learn more about this fun festival.

Strength in numbers

This site was created by a working mom of twin girls. During my twin pregnancy, I worked as a full-time manager of a busy marketing department, delivered healthy twin girls two days after my due date (I was lucky), and returned to work 12 weeks after the twins' arrival. Today, I continue to work while raising my twins and another daughter with my husband. I've faced many of the challenges that you have...or will...along the way, trying to balance the desire for a satisfying career with the demands of twin babies and family.

On this site, you will find general information about twins, as well as the special issues that working moms face while pregnant with twins and upon returning to work. I hope you find this information helpful and encourage you to share your experiences throughout the site to bring your own unique perspective to our readers.

Life with twins or multiples is a fun and amazing journey. Whether you're taking the initial steps down the path of twin motherhood or strolling confidently down a well-worn track, you can benefit from the wisdom, companionship and advice of other mothers of multiples. Let's take this unique, fun and challenging trip together...

Are you having twins?
If you are pregnant and think you might be having twins, view our list of early twin pregnancy symptoms.
Types of Twins
When you're expecting twins (or if you already have them), you'll often be asked, "Are they identical?" Learn more about the different types of twins and how they are formed.
Twin Ultrasound - Confirming It's Twins
When you're pregnant with twins or more, you will likely have several more so your doctor can monitor your babies more closely.
Understanding maternity leave laws
While knowing your rights and understanding maternity leave laws is important with any pregnancy, it is absolutely critical early on when you are expecting twins or more.
Travel During Your Twin Pregnancy
Travel during a twin or multiple pregnancy can be tricky but it doesn't necessarily need to be off limits. If you're planning to hit the road for work or pleasure, here are some tips to keep in mind.
What to Wear: Maternity Clothes Basics
Pregnant women have a variety of maternity clothes choices available today. Discover some maternity clothes basics to get you started.
Twin Gear Essentials
If you're expecting twins or more, you may be wondering what type of twin gear you'll need when your babies arrive. The list below will help you get started.
Free Stuff for Twins and Multiples
The expense of raising twins can be expensive. Check out our list of free stuff for twins and multiples.
Breastfeeding Twins
Breastfeeding twins is not only possible, but a simple, cheap and convenient way to feed your babies. The key to success is being prepared before your babies are born.
Bottle Feeding Your Twins
Even if you plan to breastfeed your twins, most mothers of twins will bottle feed their twins at some point, using pumped breast milk or formula. Other moms may choose to bottle feed exclusively.
Finding a Pediatrician for Your Twins
Finding a good pediatrician for your twins is critical. If you are a first-time parent, you may need help finding the right pediatrician for your babies. Here are some tips.
Twin Baby Names
Like most things with twins or multiples, choosing your babies' names can be twice as fun. . .or double the challenge. . . depending on how you look at it. Here are some things to consider.
Best Twin Books
Raising twins or more is a constant education. Arming yourself with information and advice from those who've already been there is smart. View our recommendations of the best twin books.
Going back to work after your twin pregnancy
Even if you plan on going back to work after your twin pregnancy, making the transition when the time comes can be challenging.
Finding Quality Daycare for Your Twins
Finding quality daycare for twins or more can be challenging. Here are some tips for finding the right daycare provider for you and your babies.
Multiple Sleep: The Parent's Challenge of Getting a Full Night's Sleep
Dr. Arthur Lavin, MD, co-author of "Who's the Boss? Moving Families from Conflict to Collaboration, shares his insights on getting twin babies to sleep at night.
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The Working Moms of Twins Story
My name is Beth Strauss and I'm the author of this site and a working mom of fraternal twin girls.